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How and Where to Order Personal or Business Checks Online for a Range of Accepted Banks If Your Bank Doesn’t Directly Offer Them

Put your best foot forward with a wide range of business bank checks, including computer and general purpose checks, as well as payroll & voucher checks. You can order business checks online – and make purchases, pay employees and more, quickly and easily.

Whether you prefer licensed, eco-friendly, inspirational designs, or you just want to keep it simple, you will find a large selection of personal checks with your personality in mind.

Personal Checks

Express your style every time you shop. With the latest designs in personalized checks, including classic lighthouses, fresh prints, fun characters and sleek designs for your checkbook. You can shop a collection of personal checks online and get a custom look you’ll love to share. Once you’ve found the design you like best, you can order personal checks securely online in minutes.

Check Printing Technology Innovation

During the late 1940’s, Bank of America wanted to offer checking accounts to all of its depositors. This was unprecedented-in those days, checking accounts were only offered to very large deposit customers. This was because there was no automatic way to sort and route checks back to their originating banks. Checks had to be hand sorted using the fractional routing and transit numbers that still appear today on the upper right hand corner of checks. Innovation was on the way. Bank of America funded a team of engineers at the California Institute of Technology and Stanford University who worked together and invented the system that is now known as M.I.C.R or “Magnetic Image Character Recognition.” This system uses high-speed check reader-sorters, scanners and special numbers printed with magnetic ink along the lower edge of checks.

Cheap Checks Challenge the Banks

In 1986 the world’s first direct-to-consumer check printing company was formed-at Bank Printing Company, Inc. Checks were offered directly to consumers at Bank Printing Company’s prices and mass-marketed nationally. This new business solved a problem for consumers and was phenomenally successful. Consumers seemed pleased to have a choice and learned that it is perfectly all right to bypass the middleman (the bank). Suddenly, the public could order checks directly from the check company-and order checks cheap. Since 1986 other traditional check printers have followed Bank Printing Company’s lead and have formed their own direct-to-consumer divisions.