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Companies Offering Online Check Cashing Services at Low Rates You Wont Find for Long!

To get the money you need, in less time than it takes to drive down to the check cashing store and stand in line, join the thousands of happy customers who have found a way to cash checks online. If you need a cash advance to get you to your next paycheck, LendUp is a company to consider.

Up to $250 for first-time borrowers and up to $1000 over time from a direct lender. Build a relationship with LendUp and get the check cashing services you have always needed, on your terms.

The Check Cashing Store Offers Low Business Check Cashing Rates

We welcome you to join the business account customers who are taking advantage of our low check cashing rates and friendly, professional service The Check Cashing Store is known for. We offer special rates for cashing checks payable to your company for our business account customers. If you own your own company and would like to cash the checks your customers pay you with, we invite you to open a business account with us. Stop by the location nearest you to get started.

  • Payroll checks
  • Personal checks
  • Money orders
  • Income tax refunds
  • Social Security checks
  • SSI (Supplemental Security Income) checks
  • Unemployment checks
  • Company checks
  • Check Cashing

Cash Access is our check cashing solution that lets you get cash immediately at competitive rates. Plus, you can cash practically any type of check including payroll, government (tax refund, social security), personal and more.

Turn Your Check into Cash and more With Fifth Third Bank

  • No bank account required
  • No waiting for the check to clear
  • No matching funds needed
  • Low fees
  • No fee for Fifth Third checking customer cashing a Fifth Third Check

Moneytree Check Cashing Services

While banks and other check cashing companies may limit the types or sizes of checks they cash, Moneytree team members are committed to cashing all types of checks. Many banks refuse to cash checks for people who don’t have bank accounts. For those with bank accounts, banks can hold the deposited funds for several days or even weeks until the check clears their banking system. This is inconvenient for customers who need cash immediately.

Regions Check Cashing Services

Regions offers check cashing services – including handwritten, out-of-state, insurance, two party, tax refunds, business, government, and payroll – so you can get your cash immediately. It’s easy to enroll, and there is no checking account required. Plus, there are no fee surprises. You just pay a percentage of the check amount – between 1% and 5%

FIS InstantFunds Check Cashing Services

Check to Prepaid, Check to Cash, Check to Deposit, and ACH Warranty — is a complete end-to-end solution set of technology, risk management and settlement options that enable you to safely provide your customers with convenient and immediate access to funds from any type of check, guaranteed with a full warranty program powered by Certify, the industry leader in Payments Guaranty. Industry Leader Delivering Experienced Based Decisions – FIS’ Check Cashing solution is the industry standard, grossing over $43B annually across more than 17,000 locations nationwide from the world’s largest retailers to some of the nation’s largest financial institutions.

Accountnow Check Cashing Services

You can load almost any kind of check, including your tax refund check, for funding approval from $5 up to $2,500.1 In addition to your traditional printed payroll and government checks, Ingo accepts attorney checks, cashier’s checks, handwritten payroll checks, insurance checks, money orders, rebate checks, refund-anticipation checks, and two-party or personal checks. You can’t load checks that aren’t made out to you, including conditional-endorsement checks, counter checks, credit card checks, customer-appreciation certificates, gift certificates, starter checks, traveler’s checks, and warrants.

How can I use my Smartphone Camera to Take a Picture of a Check?

Position the camera at an angle so there are no shadows on the check. Frame the check properly so it fits just inside the guidelines—not too far to the left or right. Don’t hold the check in your hand. Lay it on a solid-colored background and be sure the lighting in the room is good. If the check is too dark, it won’t be readable. And finally, be sure the check is not crumpled in any way.